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Guy Massey using Pearl Microphones at Snap! Studios with Eliza And The Bear

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  • 31 Aug

guy-masseyGrammy award winner Guy Massey records a session with Eliza and The Bear at Snap! Studios in London using only Pearl Microphones to record with.

Here a wonderful soundclip

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  • 30 Aug

Here a wonderful soundclip recorded with a Pearl CO 22 by our Hong Kong distributors.

The instrument is called "Guzheng" which is a traditional chinese pluck instrument. The musician is called "Wan Xing", she is a very talented and famous Guzheng player in China, who now lives in HK to develop her music career.



David Stride again

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  • 30 Aug

david-strideDavid Stride again, this time guitar and vocals were captured with one Pearl CC 22

Great song, great artist!

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  • 30 Aug

david-strideDavid Stride getting ready for recording in the BOP studio in South Africa.

Great song, great artist! Vocals captured with a Pearl CC 22

Pearl DS 60 in Blumlein configuration

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  • 02 Apr

In this video clip, we will show you how to use the Pearl DS 60 in a Blumlein configuration.

Christmas song

The Scandinavian Nota Bene Choir recorded live, using a Pearl DS 60 four-channel microphone in Blumlein configuration.

In the studio with Pearl

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  • 11 Sep

- Basic recording techniques

Sven Bornemark and legendary producer Marco Manieri. Check out how they recorded a small band with Pearl mics in the world renowned Gula Studion in Malmö!

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